Neon Dream TV Scorpion Terrarium
Yes, you read that right. This is the home of a live and poisonous scorpion , Frank. What started as a 1960's Craigslist Zenith TV, turned into a blacklight installation as part of HUBweek's Neon Dream shipping container. We painted the exterior of the container first (see our FINE ART page) and them created the TV to match the same pattern. The TV was retrofitted with a heating pad, blacklight LED strip lights, heat lamp, speaker system, and screen printed blacklight paper plants for it's backdrop. Inside the terrarium, everything was either bought, created or painted with blacklight fluorescent paint to achieve maximum effect when lit. We even put a mini shipping container and dollhouse TV set with the same painted pattern as the big one, just to mess with you. Lastly, Frank the scorpion was purchased after extensive paperwork and introduced to his new home. Scorpions naturally fluoresce under blacklight so Frank fits right into this strange bright landscape. After HUBweek, the TV was exhibited in several locations and now Frank resides in our owners home office, eating crickets and mealworms on the daily.