Neon Dream’s Crystal Cave is a unique, immersive art experience! Black lights transform an 8’ x 20’ shipping container into a strange, hyper-colorized cavern and visitors are delighted by walls of crystal hiding druzy skeletons, a cave ceiling home to phosphorescent glowworms, a family of bats and neon crawlers, and stalactites & stalagmites revealing deep grottos using infinity mirrors.  Hidey
holes will reveal a multitude of imaginative surprises when viewers peek in to discover radiant fish and a glowing ant colony… and so much more!

The Crystal Cave engages all the senses with special soundscapes, smells and even atmospheric shifts (nighttime fog
machines!)  Everything in this environment is hand-crafted … it’s Meow Wolf meets Planet Earth – a surreal, saturated, visual feast celebrating art and the beauty & wonder of the natural world.

These are photos from HUBweek 2018’s Crystal Cave. Our SXSW Crystal Cave would be similar to this but on steroids.

Neon Dream Crystal Cave: SXSW 2019 budget

Container exterior:

$1,600 paint, vinyl and materials

Container interior:

$2,500 installation art supplies & building/framing materials

$800 container interior floor carpet & ceiling activation

$400 on-site tool rental and use of container yard

$950 freight existing supplies from Boston to Austin

Container rental, transportation and restore to original condition:

$900 for one month rental and transport each way. Container painted back to primer gray.

$450 Event Insurance

Artist transportation, car rental and lodging:

$1,650 three week Airbnb, car rental and 3 round trip flights

$400 Ship tools and materials form Boston

Total: $9,650