Steez 35th Issue Release Party At Good Life Bar - Boston, MA

For the Steez 35th issue release we teamed up with, Trevor "KARMA" Gendron, to be our first ever guest editor. Trevor worked with Steez for months developing and curating the art direction of the issue and it's limited edition packaging. After meeting with the owner and Manager at The Good Life in downtown Boston we were green-lighted to do whatever we wanted with the bar. From the beginning we wanted to utilize denim as much as possible so we aimed to transform the bar into an industrial era denim factory - No. 35 Denim Co. was born. Using old pallets, crates were built and stenciled for every event sponsor (35 total) and hung from the ceilings or arranged throughout the space. Two kiosks were also built from pallets. One for merchandising and the limited edition copies and another for an on-site seamstress to create custom projects during the night of the event. All exterior lights were changed to denim blue, windows received the Denim Co logos and a giant logo was projected onto the building outside as well. All promotional posters, koozies and collateral were made from hand treated denim and then silkscreened with the party info or logo. A giant 15ft step and repeat photo banner was also constructed from denim and hung from the ceilings. Scraps of denim left over from projects were hung or placed throughout the bar and encouraged to be used by the seamstress for custom projects during the release. Check out the teaser videos below for more on denim treatment as well as the recap.